My Workout,Weight, and Fitness Journey

#momlife #fitness and health

Why am I sharing this? To let people know anything is possible. I'm not some amazing story for the 400 lb person who lost all the…

Shannon Dingman

Naptime Hustle

#momlife #relatable

When I finally get both kids down for nap- at the same time (which is becoming more regular but is still also never a sure thing)…

Shannon Dingman

My thoughts with 1 vs. 2 children

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Thoughts with first child= numbered Thoughts now having two= italics directly underneathTake care and keep baby alive and happy at all times.Well this is still…

Shannon Dingman

Fun Programs in the Greater Philadelphia Suburbs for Young Children

#activities #relatable #momlife

1. Childworks Toddlerworks Program- Lansdale $180 for 10 week session (sessions vary in length from 8-12 weeks and cost adjusts accordingly)For ages 1-3 with parent…

Shannon Dingman

Amazon Finds I Stumbled Upon but Would Buy Again as a Mom

#organization #momlife

Here is a list of random [like really random] products that over the past few years we bought, used for our life with little kids and…

Shannon Dingman

I married a chronic entrepreneur

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I met my husband, Dan, the summer he started a landscaping company with his best friend. They thrived off of mostly mowing and mulching, but also…

Shannon Dingman

Our Big Days


Some of my favorite and best days have no pictures or anything to show for them besides they were spent with people I love, doing things…

Shannon Dingman

How Do They Do It?

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My Grandma had 5 kids. 3 of them were 2.5 and younger. That would mean right now I'd be due with my third baby in…

Shannon Dingman