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A mom of 2, a boy and a girl, and 2 boxer dogs. My husband works from home, we've lived a few different places but are back near family now, and live in the suburbs of Philadelphia!

King of Prussia, PA

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Coddled Or Damaged

#momlife #love #relatable

I read an article the other day [link at bottom of article] and it got me thinking. It was about sleep and bedtime with little ones.…

Shannon Dingman

The Stress of Instagram

#love #momlife #relatable

I have been MI.A. from my mommyheartandsoul Instagram account because it was stressing me out. It's sounds silly to admit that because I decided to…

Shannon Dingman

What I thought being a SAHM would mean vs what I am

#momlife #relatable #funny

My house will be spotless. I thought... "I'm home all the time so I'll have tons of time to clean and have a perfect looking house"…

Shannon Dingman

My "Morning" Sickness Tips and Tricks

#fitness and health #momlife #pregnancy

First off... For those suffering with intense morning sickness, have hope that you may not be doomed. After my first pregnancy, that was filled with all…

Shannon Dingman

Baby Number 2 turned 1 year old

#love #momlife

I know its the most overused cliche but Time really does fly. It was a year ago, and we were living in Cincinnati, OH and my…

Shannon Dingman

Food and Kids

#funny #food #momlife

First off, this post is in no way to shame my child, label him as a picky eater or make him feel bad one day to…

Shannon Dingman

My Workout,Weight, and Fitness Journey

#momlife #fitness and health

Why am I sharing this? To let people know anything is possible. I'm not some amazing story for the 400 lb person who lost all the…

Shannon Dingman

Naptime Hustle

#momlife #relatable

When I finally get both kids down for nap- at the same time (which is becoming more regular but is still also never a sure thing)…

Shannon Dingman

My thoughts with 1 vs. 2 children

#funny #love #momlife

Thoughts with first child= numbered Thoughts now having two= italics directly underneath Take care and keep baby alive and happy at all times. Well this is…

Shannon Dingman